Fun, Meme

Sagbayan Peak

Sagbayan Peak is one of the tourist’s destinations here in Bohol. Hubby, Daughter and I had the chance to visit the place last Friday when we joined my daughter school’s educational tour.  It is supposed to be an education tour but because of lack of enough time to prepare, there was only one destination 😀 And despite the storm signal,…

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Children’s Playground (Palaruang Pambata) At Rizal Park

When our family was in Manila three weeks ago (this is quite a late post), we had a chance to visit the Palaruang Pambata or Children’s Playground at Rizal Park. It was not in our plan to visit the place but when we got off the LRT at United Nations Avenue station and started heading to Manila Ocean Park, we…

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I’ve seen these flowers on one of our Good News place. The flowers are planted just right outside the fence of a house. And beauty of Marigold is really stunning.



Here are some of the sweets I feasted on during the reception of our pastor & his wife’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Meme, Sciezka

Yellow Dress

My daughter received another package. This time, it is from my mother for her birthday which will be on the 29th of May. Included in the package is a light yellow dress. She already wore the dress last Wednesday for our midweek service.