Transformer – Bumblebee

I don’t know why this toy was brought out from the box last night. I just saw my husband capturing its photo. So i thought it was a good subject for Macro Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday 🙂


Healthy Dinner?

This was our dinner last Saturday. It was composed of steamed sweet potato (rice replacement) and lady finger and pan grilled chicken. The chicken was for my daughter while the sweet potato and lady finger were for me and my husband. Getting health conscious? Partly but we are more conscious the price of rice 😀 My entry for Mellow Yellow Monday…

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Mellow Yellow Monday & Blue Monday Entry

This photo was taken before we transferred here in Bulacan. We were supposed to buy balik-bayan boxes for our belongings but hubby found the boxes too small so we went home without any box 😀 The photo was taken at SM North’s Sky Garden. I don’t know when will my daughter have a chance to visit this place again.