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Yellow Hibiscus

  • Sumo


I found this Hibiscus from my land lady’s garden. I love its bright Yellow color.


9 thoughts on “Yellow Hibiscus

    1. Yes, Anne. It’s gumamela. Ako din, dito lang sa garden ng may-ari ng bahay ko nalaman na may iba pa palang kulay ang gumamela bukod sa Red 😀 Pero ang bud nya pula rin.

  1. wow, it’s beautiful, how do you take the best picture Mommy? I can’t do it well, so nice.

    Btw, I wanted to change the pictures sa header ng wordpress, where do I need to go to change it, I tried pero di ko kaya…

    1. Depende po yun sa template mommy! Pero I usually do it via ftp. Inuupload ko po ung bagong banner at inooverwrite ko ung previous.

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