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A Reader

My daughter loves book as much as she love watching Dora videos.  When we visit a store in Tagbiliran which is known for selling cheap goods, my daughter discovered that the store is also selling children’s books. While I was looking for something I could give to the Sunday schoolers as rewards, my daughter was also doing her own shopping.…

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In Casual Attire

Remember the package I received for my daughter? Last Thurday, we accompany our guest for a tour. I tried it to her and it fits perfectly 🙂 Before we left, she had a photo session with her father. At Loboc River Complex At Chocolate Hills Complex At Chocolate Hills Complex (top)

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Last two Saturday ago (super late post because I was not able to download the photos before  Hubby brought the camera to Cebu),  after our afternoon visitation, we learned that one of the church dwellers received a package in our behalf. The  package was from my former officemate. The package was not for me but for my daughter. When my…

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