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Last two Saturday ago (super late post because I was not able to download the photos before  Hubby brought the camera to Cebu),  after our afternoon visitation, we learned that one of the church dwellers received a package in our behalf. The  package was from my former officemate. The package was not for me but for my daughter.

When my daughter saw the package, among the things that first caught her attention was the Baby Bible. She immediately picked it up and scanned the pages. This proves her love for books.

While I was fascinated with the slipper house boots. It was my first time to see such kind of boots 🙂

Financially, we are not well-off and my God who knows that. There are things which I can’t buy my daughter because we have other priorities. I believe God provides them through other people. Thank you so much Jooh, for being a channel of blessing to my daughter. 🙂 May God bless your kind-heart.

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