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Sagbayan Peak

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Sagbayan PeakSagbayan Peak is one of the tourist’s destinations here in Bohol. Hubby, Daughter and I had the chance to visit the place last Friday when we joined my daughter school’s educational tour.  It is supposed to be an education tour but because of lack of enough time to prepare, there was only one destination 😀 And despite the storm signal, the tour proceeded. The kids were really excited and were not bothered by the storm.

Sagbayan Peak is located in the town of Sagbayan, around 1 1/2 hour continuous travel from Tagbilaran City.  Sagbayan Peak is a recreational park. The Kids Town has a playground for kids. The replicas of cartoon characters like Donald & Daisy Duck, Tweety Bird and Mickey and Minnie Mouse were scattered all over the place.

There were also mini pizza house, school, houses and castle.  One of the mothers noticed that Snow White and the 7 dwarfs were missing.

Sagbayan Peak has a small well-planted dome for Tarsier. But when we went there only two Tarsiers were left. According to the staff, their Tarsiers escaped when they have so many guests and the door was left open. Guests were allowed to take  pictures of the Tarsiers but without the flash. The butterfly dome was closed when we went there.

We only stayed in the recreational park for a while then we proceeded to Sagbayan Peak’s Water Park. By the way, the recreational park has an entrance fee of Php 30 both for adult and children. The butterfly dome’s entrance fee is Php 10 while the Water Park is Php 50 including a free glass of iced-tea. Bringing of food inside was prohibited both in the recreational and water park. But since each parent were requested to bring food which can be shared, the kind manager of the water park, lend us a big table just outside the water park were we had our lunch.

The kids enjoyed the swimming part most! Even the rain showers could not stopped the kids from enjoying the water.  All of them just leave the water when we were about to go home.

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  2. I have been to Bohol three times already but I havent been to Sagbayan Peak. But it looks fun! I am sure the kids would love swimming there too 🙂

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