Visited Badjang Spring Again

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It was my eldest daughter’s birthday when we first visited Badjang Spring in Valencia Bohol. It was my daughter’s request to make her special day a swimming day. And to make it different than the usual beach swimming here in Panglao, we left the island and traveled all the way to Valencia to grant her request.

Last Monday was my Sciezka‘s annual field trip. Last year, the field trip was held in Sagbayan Peak. Since previous field trips have been held in Sagbayan Peak, majority of the parents preferred another venue. Besides,  the place didn’t allow us to bring in our food then so during the Parent-Teacher Meeting, it was agreed upon that the final destination of this year’s field trip would be in Badjang Spring.

Badjang Spring was not that saturated last Monday, unlike during our first visit. When we arrived only the kiddie pool was available for use. The adult pool was still being scrubbed. But as soon as the scrubbing was done, the spring water going to the bigger pool was opened and in less than an hour the pool was already full (imagine how strong the water was that it filled a big pool in less than an hour).

Since it was almost lunch time when we arrived, the parents and the teachers agreed to have the lunch first before the kids could start dipping in to the cold water. The kids were all excited to dive into the water so they were all done eating in no time at all 😀

I was supposed to buy my daughter a new set of swim wear because all her swim wears were already small for her. I saw a decent princess swimming shirt at ICM but the paired short was too short. My daughter’s skin is still toasted from her last swimming. So I told my her that instead of a swim wear, I bought her tights. She would pair it with her very light weight long-sleeve shirt which she usually wears at night plus of course the sun block  her skin from further damage.  It was a relief that she agreed. I think she didn’t mind whatever I put on her as long as she can dip in to the water 😀 And good thing, Badjang Spring is not strict with swim wear attire.

I did not have the chance to take a plunge in to the cool water of Badjang Spring as there was no one who would take care of the younger Jyma. I was contented watching my daughter and husband enjoying the water. Little Jyma also took a dip and enjoyed the water for a very short while . It was not everyday that we get to visit a spring so I want them to maximize the time 😀

I saw that my Sciezka was really interested to learn how to swim but Hubby was not that patient to teach her. They always clash. So  Lord willing, I’ll enroll my daughter this summer to attend a swimming lesson.

This may not be our last visit to Badjang Spring but I hope there are other springs which we can also visit.

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21 thoughts on “Visited Badjang Spring Again

  1. sayang you weren’t able to take a plunge in the pool, mukhang masarap maglagngoy langoy, but that’s us. mothers are always the one who takes a pass for everyone to be happy. you have cute kids too 🙂

  2. Wow! Swimming! inggit ako! haha. Im sure you had a lot of fun.
    I think kids don’t care about what they wear, as long as they get to swim; I don’t.

  3. Ang sarap mag swimming! It’s nice that the whole family was able to go on this field trip. Even your baby seemed to really enjoy it. 🙂

  4. That was fun and am sure your daughter and the entire family enjoyed this outing. That’s a good idea, the “swim wear” to protect from further sun burn.

  5. Is it very far from Panglao to Badjang Springs? I’ve been to Panglao once and visited nearby touristy places. It would be nice to visit the springs.

  6. Maganda ang Bohol… everyone must visit the place at least once in their lifetime! I last went to Badjang Springs about 1980’s… wasn’t able to go back the last time I was there this year! But I can remember the strong and cold water source!

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