Bohol Day Turned Family Day At Bohol Coco Farm

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It was holiday last Monday here in Bohol in celebration of Bohol Day. Hubby and Daughter have no classes so we decided to visit another place just like during the last holiday which was the Tagbilaran Day. We went to Bohol Bee Farm that afternoon but last Monday, we headed to Bohol Coco Farm.

Since we were only six, including my two daughters, Hubby decided to go there via motorbikes. Anyway, Bohol Coco Farm is much nearer than Bohol Bee Farm from our place. It was less than 15 minutes drive. When we reached the place, we were welcomed by a smiling friendly staff in uniform. She asked us if we would like to have the tour or we would dine in at their Palwa Restaurant. We decide to take the tour 🙂

There is minimal entrance tour/fee of P50 per person for the tour. This fee includes the use of all the farm’s facilities. Our first destination was Coco Farm’s View Deck.

This deck is adorned with different coconut made decorations.

Coconut Made Decorative Products

And from the deck, the guests can see the vegetation, poultry and piggery as well as the Coco Sky Walk and the Hanging Bridge (don’t expect too much from the hanging bridge because it is just too short). The vegetation was under rehabilitation. The management wanted the vegetables replaced with vegetables needed in their PALWA restaurant’s dishes.

View from the Coco Farm's View Deck

From Coco Farm’s View Deck, we headed to the Coco Sky Walk. There are certain rules and limitations when using the Coco Sky Walk. I thought Daughter won’t be allowed to use it since she’s only five years old. But the tour guide was more than willing to let the little girl try it.

So Daughter joined her Dad and the other two young people who were with us traversed the pathway

Daughter In Coco Sky Walk With One Of the Church's YP

I didn’t take the risk to climb up to the Coco Sky Walk because I was carrying the younger girl.

Myself with the friendly tour guide

The tour guide and Iwaited for them on the other side of the Coco Sky Walk where they went down. We then proceeded to the piggery and feed the hogs using the leaves of Kadios.  From the piggery we continued our tour to the poultry. We also feed the chicken with duck weeds which were scooped by the tour guide earlier.

Duck weeds, kadios, piggery and poultry

The upper left image is the duck weeds, the lower left is the Kadios, FAITH is the entrance to the piggery and poultry. FAITH stands for Food Always In The House.

From the poultry and piggery, we returned to the entrance of the Coco Sky Walk. The Coco Hanging Bridge was just few steps away from the Coco Sky Walk’s start.Daughter again was so eager to try it despite her Dad’s hesitation. But Daughter won.

 I admire my daughter’s bravery. She was not afraid of the heights.

After the Hanging Bridge, they still have the strength to try the Giant Swing.

We were also guided to see their Presidential park before we finally rested.

And of course, the tour was not complete without tasting even just one of their dishes. So before we ended our tour we ordered Coco Pansit and Banana Cue and Mango Ice Cream With Malunggay for the bigger Daughter. The prices were not that expensive for tourists but for locals like us, the price of the Coco Pansit is good enough for the day’s food of the entire family.  I also bought few stalks of Citronella plant before we finally left Coco Farm.


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55 thoughts on “Bohol Day Turned Family Day At Bohol Coco Farm

  1. Hi, I am so amazed by the photos. Can you help me go around panglao island? i will be visiting Bohol on Jan 21-22 and wish to go to Bohol Coco Farm, Bohol Bee Farm, St. Augustine Parish (Diocese of Tagbilaran) and Watch Tower, Dauis Church and the miraculous well, Hinagdanan Cave , Nova Sea Shell and Bayoyoy the Dwarf-Dauis. I will be doing a Do it yourself Tour with my hubby in panglao so if you can help me arrange which will be the best place to visit first and so on. Our hotel is in Alona Beach. Thanks and looking forward to your answer.

    1. Hi Carol,

      Thanks for your comment. You should also try the island hopping and snorkeling at Bacalicasag. Your itinerary covered most of the hot spots here in Panglao. If I am not mistaken because I only heard it, Bayoyoy has passed-away few months ago. Go for Bohol Bee Farm first but if you are coming from Alona, you will pass by Coco Farm First. I hope you enjoy your tour here in Panglao.

  2. I so miss Bohol talaga. When the kids are older we’ll go there a second time and maybe visit Coco farm. We went to Bohol Bee Farm and we had a great time. Nagulat lang kami kasi sobrang tagtag ng daan papunta sa farm. Nakatricycle lang kami so lahat ng lubak na feel namin. Pero the experience is worth it naman so okay lang.

    1. Ako din nagulat sa lubak-lubak na daan papuntang Bee Farm 😀 tas ang layo pa from the main road. Pero maganda din dun, mas maganda kaysa sa Coco Farm, pero parang foreigner kasi may ari nun kaya may budget tsaka medyo matagal na sila. Marami na rin sila employees compared to coco farm na around 15 lng. But in the future, I think Coco farm will boom too.

  3. Haven’t heard of the Coco Farm before, yet another place to visit next time we go to Bohol. You really have a beautiful hometown. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. I’ve been wanting to visit bohol to see chocolate hills! I supposed to visit on october but I presume I couldn’t make it so sad, looking on your pictures makes me feel excited. I hope to see bohol sooner 🙂

  5. Hee I suddenly missed my hometown. A healthy all veggie food, fresh air, visual explosion of brown earth and green grass and trees.

  6. ang sarap naman ng bakasyon. Looks like your family really enjoyed this trip. i wonder if my mom who just went there last summer to Bohol able to visit this place. But, even if she had not visited it, her vacation was truly amazing.

    1. Hindi ito bakasyon girl 🙂 Dito na talaga kami nakatira sa Panglao since last year. Dito kami tinapon ng Panginoon 🙂 And I’m starting to enjoy it 🙂

  7. Bohol is in our travel bucket list. When the kids are older, we want to travel the country together. Palawan, Bohol, Boracay, La Union and Vigan are among those on our must-see list.

    1. Really ?:( Hmm… what browser do you use? I tested in IE, GC and FF and it seems that the page is properly loading.

    1. Baka madisappoint ka, hindi ganun ka-challenging ang skywalk and hanging bridge 🙂 but it is worth to try, for experience sake 🙂

    1. Parang hindi naman sya gawa coconut meat 😀 pero may kakaibang lasa sya na hindi ko maidentify kung san nagmumula.

  8. Great photos! I deem Bohol is the best vacation place. Aside from the pristine beaches, there are other things to look forward to like the Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and the hospitable people! 🙂

  9. bohol is one of my places to visit here in our country! i wanna see a real life tarsier! hehehe nice photos parang nakarating nadin ako sa bohol! 🙂
    its really more fun in the philippines!

    1. Tama po kayo 🙂 bago nga itong Coco farm. It was only late last year they opened it to the public.

  10. First time I went to Bohol was June 2010 when we had our company team building held at Bohol Beach Club. I’d like to go back again but this time with family, hihi! Nice shots and nice scene you got there. 🙂

  11. Such a nice place. Marami pa talaga magaganda places here in Philippines so before I travel around the world, I will travel first around the Philippines. If God permits. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Totoo po yan Mommy Maye, marami pang magagandang lugar dito sa Pilipinas. Pangarap ko din malibot ang Pilipinas, kung loloobin ng Panginoon 🙂

    1. Hi Aileen,

      This is an old post. I was not able to update my main blog so I decided to use this post for our CommEx.

  12. Nice photos and ganda at laki ng farm nyo sis. After our Boracay visit, I hope to see Bohol too. Ang tanda ko na I haven’t seen Chocolate Hills. Hehehe!

    Visiting from CE Aug21.

    1. Hi Jhari,

      Hahahha… hindi namin to farm, baka mademanda ako hahaha… pinuntahan lang po namin ito.

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