Citronella – Natural Insect Repellent

Insects are very common in the province and our place is not exempted. So when God called us to minister here in Panglao, Bohol one of the most difficult things to embrace is the insect bites. Aside from mosquitoes there other insects which pester our skins on daily basis. There is no single day that our skins our spared from…

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Bohol Day Turned Family Day At Bohol Coco Farm

It was holiday last Monday here in Bohol in celebration of Bohol Day. Hubby and Daughter have no classes so we decided to visit another place just like during the last holiday which was the Tagbilaran Day. We went to Bohol Bee Farm that afternoon but last Monday, we headed to Bohol Coco Farm. Since we were only six, including my…

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