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Birthday Gift

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Hubby will be having his birthday on the 20th of the month. There is no need to ask him of his wish gift because he always broadcasts it.  Even my 4 year-old daughter knows his desired gift for his birthday. When I asked my daughter what will be her gift to her dad, she immediately answered that he would buy her father a Raider, a Suzuki motorbike. My daughter doesn’t know how much she needs to buy that bike. She probably thinks that her father is just asking for a toy.

My husband knows that I could not afford to give him his wish gift, at least for the moment. We still have other priorities like the necessities of our coming second baby and the money we need to save for the weeks or months that I could not work. We also need to save for the expense of my delivery though we planning that I will give birth to the provincial hospital so the expense will not be that much. But still, we need to have extra money in cases of emergencies. But if his wish gift is just one of the bulova watches, I might still give it a second thought.

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