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How To Take Care Of A Guitar

  • Sumo

A good-quality guitar costs so much. Hence, it should be taken cared very-well to prolong its life and the money spent buying it will not be wasted. Here are some tips how to take good care of your guitar (this is purely based on my observation on how my husband take of his guitar ^__^)

  1. Invest on a guitar stand. Always place the guitar on a guitar stand when it is not being used. This is to ensure that the guitar is safe from falling and bumping to hard objects. Guitar stands don’t cost that much and are available in any music instrument stores.
  2. Immediately replace rustic strings to avoid scratching the fingerboard.
  3. Clean and polish the guitar often. This will make the guitar look new at all casino en ligne au canada times.
  4. If there is a need to travel with the guitar especially on a plane, hand-carry it as much as possible. There is big chance that it will be broken when included with the other luggage.
  5. Make sure that the guitar is in a place where it won’t easily be got wet and is not also exposed in too much heat. It might cause the guitar to be brittle.

I admire my hubby when it comes to taking-care of his possessions. He values them. I also make sure that I stay away from these things to make sure that I will not be the one to break them because of my clumsiness. He will not be definitely mad but I’m sure that he will be hurt.



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