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Tan lines

  • Sumo

Summer is over. Most people enjoyed it so much that traces of summer were left in the color of their skin, tan. My daughter Sciezka is one of them. She had a blast during her birthday treat at Badjang Spring not minding what would happen to her skin. She really enjoyed the water and she was unstoppable. And sun block lotion I applied to her failed to protect her skin from tanning. I could not get her off the water until we decided to go home. When I take off her swimwear I realized that she tanned too much. The tan lines flaunt the hours she spent in water. Her skin got too tan that probably it would take long before her complexion returned to normal. My consolation was she enjoyed her day.

Summer is over and if you had no chance to enjoy it in the beach for so many reasons and missed those tan lines, don’t feel sad. You can have those tan lines without going to the beach through spray tanning. You can even decide how much tan you want your skin to look like and which part of your body 🙂

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