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Encounters With Black Lights

  • Sumo

Are you familiar with black light? It was way back in college when I have first seen a black light. It was installed in a jeep where I was riding to get home. I was amazed on its effect on a paper bill when the bill that I was handing to the driver accidentally passed under the light. Because of my amazement (ignorance) I took out my own bill to see again the effect. I later on learned that black light is used to detect fake moneys.

The Buy Viagra next instance I’ve seen black lights was during a hand mime presentation. Again, I was amazed of the effect of the black light. The black lights made the hands looked glowing and the lights totally hide the bodies of the presenters.

Aside from the two purposes, I have no other ideas where black lights are used. But if so happen that you have any black light needs, you may want to check black lights at GC. Based on the review, they are the cheapest in the market.


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