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Turned Two

Disclosure: This is a very late post!!! This little gal who loves to make funny faces just turned two last February 27. We didn’t have the usual kids’ party celebration. DH and I agreed (seconded by her Ate Jyma) that instead of cooking and preparing for a kids’ party,  we would just go out and swim somewhere. Who wouldn’t embrace…

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Tinker Bell Signature Frame

I anticipate that this week will be a very busy week due to the upcoming 1st birthday of Daughter E. Since we are in a place where I can’t find most of the things I need/want for Daughter E’s birthday within my budget (in times like this, I terribly miss Divisoria where I can find almost everything in cheap prices…

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Family Matters

Birthday Gift

Hubby will be having his birthday on the 20th of the month. There is no need to ask him of his wish gift because he always broadcasts it.  Even my 4 year-old daughter knows his desired gift for his birthday. When I asked my daughter what will be her gift to her dad, she immediately answered that he would buy…

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Stories of Friends

Gift For A Friend’s Birthday

My dearest friend will be celebrating her birthday on the 20th of July. I am planning to send her a bouquet of flowers on her birthday as a gift. I have started browsing different online flower shops which Mr. Google recommends to look for the perfect flower that will fit my budget. I have already browsed quite a number of…

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My Daughter’s 4th Birthday

Yesterday marks my daughter’s 4th year of existence. She has no request this time unlike last year that she requested for balloons, party hat & cake.  Just for her to recognize that it was her birthday, I bought her pre-printed birthday banner and balloons and hubby stick them on the area where we hold our Children’s Sunday School.  And to…

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