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My Daughter’s 4th Birthday

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Yesterday marks my daughter’s 4th year of existence. She has no request this time unlike last year that she requested for balloons, party hat & cake.  Just for her to recognize that it was her birthday, I bought her pre-printed birthday banner and balloons and hubby stick them on the area where we hold our Children’s Sunday School.  And to make the day more special, I made the snack for the kids different from the usual snack that we provide them. I prepared hotdogs and cupcakes with icing.  Daughter also insisted to her father that she wanted to render a song offering. So before hubby delivered the Message, he called our daughter for her song offering. And that’s it! No big celebration for her birthday. But we are happy that she’s happy on her birthday. And we are thankful to God that He gave us a very unique daughter.

I made the icing. It is my first time to try making an icing (just tried it for my love to my daughter). I know that it is far from perfect. Maybe next time it will be better.


hotdog with marshmallow

Her pre-printed banner

This is where we hold our Sunday School.

After our class, just before the kids go home, daughter distributed the snacks for the kids.

And her song offering.

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9 thoughts on “My Daughter’s 4th Birthday

  1. Oh Mylene, you must be so very proud of her! What a stage presence she has! Her voice is so strong and I understood every word. It’s a good thing to raise a child with the love of Christ.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. happy to her! she’s cute! how nice she personally offer her handa to her friends..

    Please take a chance to see my Yellow Monday & Blue Monday entry. Thanks!

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