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Tinker Bell Signature Frame

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I anticipate that this week will be a very busy week due to the upcoming 1st birthday of Daughter E. Since we are in a place where I can’t find most of the things I need/want for Daughter E’s birthday within my budget (in times like this, I terribly miss Divisoria where I can find almost everything in cheap prices ^___^), I have to find an alternative. Just for example the Tinker Bell loot bag. I could not find a loot bag with Tinker Bell theme so I decided to do the loot bag myself. I searched for a YouTube tutorial video on how to make a paper bag. Paper bag is more eco-friendly than plastic loot bag though making it is more time-consuming on my part.

I could not also find a signature frame with Tinker Bell theme so I decided to design it myself using internet images. I am thinking that I’ll just do the design and have it printed in the city. So I went to the city this afternoon and visit the shop where I usually have my tarpaulin printed to inquire about the price. Unfortunately, the shop does not have large printing in special paper except for tarpaulin, photo paper and canvass.  I’m afraid that if I have the signature frame photo printed on photo paper, the ink of the pens might spatter during the signing. I have also checked online but to no avail. I’ll check the local Kodak store if they provide the service I need. By the way, the service I need is different from services offered at for web to print software. What they have are offer are more of advertising materials.

I have to do another visit to the downtown before the end of the week . Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a shop which provides the printing service I need.

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