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WARNING: Don’t Buy An Epson L200 All-In-One Printer

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Remember the Epson L200 All-In-One Printer I bought last year and reviewed here? Isn’t the unit had power supply problem last July which forced me to return it to the supplier for repair? The supplier informed me that the printer was ready for pickup after almost two months. Yea, that long.

Last week, my Epson L200 All-In-One printer was unusable again. It couldn’t feed any paper. It just trample the papers I tried to feed. I tried to search the net for possible solution but no hope. So Hubby returned it again yesterday to the supplier. The supplier told my husband that the Epson L200 All-In-One printer is the most problematic printer they encounter. They received so many returned unit for repair. As a matter of fact, Hubby was not the only one who returned the unit yesterday. They were three. It only means that Epson L200 All-In-One Printer is not of good quality. It was not worth of its price.

I contacted Epson Philippines via their support page. I am requesting for a money-back or replacement of the unit. It is very disappointing that the unit broke down twice in less than a year considering that I only use it for maleedge varpos padidinimui home printing needs. The free colored inks included with the unit were not even yet half, only the black is almost consumed.  It is so fortunate that the problem occurred within the warranty period otherwise I’ll be left without a printer. But I think the two events were not due to user problem but were both a product quality problem. So I think it is just fair that they replace the unit or they give my money back. The fact that so many units were returned due to the power supply problem(according to the supplier and Google), they should have recalled the products instead of waiting the customers to return their products. I think that is a better customer service move.

I’ll let you know how the GOLIATH Epson  will deal with a David like me.  I only want to get the worth of my money. Php 9,000 is Php 9,000. I won’t get it anywhere. Anyway, will keep you updated if they get their reply.

If you are planning to buy an Epson L200 All-In-One-Printer, I strongly suggest that you look for another model or better another brand. It is a NO NO to buy an Epson L200 All-In-One-Printer.

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