[Update] My Epson L200 All-In-One Printer Is Not Working Again

This is an update to my previous post. First, my sincerest thank to Ms. Dee-jay Sablan for her assistance in bringing up my concern with the people of Epson Philippines. She was the one who contacted me when I post my warning about buying an L200 All-In-One Printer. She was the same person I contacted last Saturday after I brought…

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My Epson L200 All-In-One Printer Is Not Working Again

Last Saturday, I brought my Epson L200 All-In-One Printer to the supplier (Thinking Tools ICM) again for repair (much better for replacement).  For just more than a year and a half,  this is the third time I returned the printer to the supplier.  This is quite disappointing right? My Epson L200 All-In-One Printer has power but could not be detected…

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WARNING: Don’t Buy An Epson L200 All-In-One Printer

Remember the Epson L200 All-In-One Printer I bought last year and reviewed here? Isn’t the unit had power supply problem last July which forced me to return it to the supplier for repair? The supplier informed me that the printer was ready for pickup after almost two months. Yea, that long. Last week, my Epson L200 All-In-One printer was unusable…

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