[Update] My Epson L200 All-In-One Printer Is Not Working Again

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This is an update to my previous post.

First, my sincerest thank to Ms. Dee-jay Sablan for her assistance in bringing up my concern with the people of Epson Philippines. She was the one who contacted me when I post my warning about buying an L200 All-In-One Printer. She was the same person I contacted last Saturday after I brought my printer to the supplier for the 3rd time. She forwarded my concern yesterday to Epson but she was informed that Mr. Sam was on leave since yesterday. Mr. Sam will report to office tomorrow. She was not actually working for Epson but she was connected in some way with Epson. And though it was not her duty to assist with my problem, she made her way to help me. Many thank Ms. Dee-Jay 🙂

Second, I don’t know if the customer support page of Epson Philippines is working. I submitted a complain ticket last night through the customer support page. The ticket was successfully submitted based on the message displayed after I clicked the submit button. But there was no confirmation email sent to my email address. An auto-responder email will do the job just to give a customer a peace of mind that the ticket gets through Epson’s system.

Third, I was disappointed with Epson’s suggested solution. According to Ms. Sablan, as per Epson, I pull-out my L200 All-In-One Printer from the supplier, Thinking Tools, and bring the unit myself to their service center in Cebu and look for the technician who fixed the printer last time. I wonder if the Epson personnel who gave that advice knew how far Cebu is from Bohol. Probably the person does not know that for me to get to Cebu, I need to board on a ship for four hours or fast craft for two hours. Aside from the inconvenience, the fare will be another expense on my part. I haven’t got the ROI for the printer and here comes another expense. Plus I’m not familiar with Cebu. I’ve never been there so the probability of consuming so much time oily secretions that lubricate the eye finding the service center is so high.  Yeah, easy for them to pass the burden to their customer who only wanted to get the value of her hard-earned money. With this kind of support, there is no doubt that there will be no more customers to support in the very near future and Epson will just have to close. Well, sad but the employees will be added to the unemployed work force, not all but most of them. I do hope they realize that before this prophecy gets fulfilled.

Php 9K is probably nothing to them, but for me who feeds a family and supports the parents, it is a BIG THING. It is equivalent to several paid work days. I invested it to a printer which I trusted that will meet my printing needs with less expense. Did I made the wrong decision? If I used the 9K to buy a printer which cost around 2K and the printer breaks down after more than a year, then I can still buy another printer and this cycle can happen for 4 years and I still have some change for my 9K right? So what I am trying to say is that, a 9K worth printer should not only last for just more than a year deduct to that the months of the printer in the service center.

This is my stand: They should have recalled the L200 All-In-One Printers when many buyers started returning their units due to power problem. I’ve asked few computer and printer stores about the printer and they told me that this model is indeed the most problematic printer. Epson should not have wait that more consumers invested on a defective printer. I believe that those who suffered from motherboard problem aka power supply issue should be granted a unit replacement.

Do you think I should start contacting the other victims of L200 printers and discuss what we can do to get the value of our money?

Ms. Sablan promised to get Mr. Sam’s number tomorrow. I will let you know what will happen next.

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5 thoughts on “[Update] My Epson L200 All-In-One Printer Is Not Working Again

  1. I have an all-in-one HP printer for 5 years now. I never had problems (except maubusan ng ink!). Haay.. we lack good customer service in this country. I hope this probleme will be settled soon.

  2. wow, that is quite a hassle indeed. if i paid good money for a certain purchase i’ll expect nothing but the best service as well. charge it to experience. the next time you’re on the lookout for new printers, skip on epson. i’ve been using a canon for almost five years and it’s still working perfectly fine.

  3. that’s a horrible news! I recently got a Canon Pixma for 3k top and I’ve been using it for 2 months now and working quite good. I just hope Epson will work fast enough with their clients concern. They do no have good customer service.

  4. What a nuisance and time consuming nightmare. It is terrible when manufacturers leave defective products in the marketplace and pretend they are not aware of the problems. I think you should find as many other owners and file a complaint with the authorities. I hope Mr. Sam resolves the matter for you. Frankly, I think you should turn the printer in and get a different model.

  5. Oh what a hassle Epson has caused you. We never experienced similar problems with our HP printers. They really need to serve you properly. On the other hand, if you find many other people with problems with the same printer, I think you can file for legal action.

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