My Epson L200 All-In-One Printer Is Not Working Again

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Last Saturday, I brought my Epson L200 All-In-One Printer to the supplier (Thinking Tools ICM) again for repair (much better for replacement).  For just more than a year and a half,  this is the third time I returned the printer to the supplier.  This is quite disappointing right?

My Epson L200 All-In-One Printer has power but could not be detected by computer and could not perform the photocopy function. The printer could not also be power off using the on/off button. The printer has to be unplugged to turn it off. I discovered this problem last Friday night when I was trying to print some images for the scrapbook project I was doing. But on Friday morning, the L200 printer was still working fine. I used it to scan the deposit slip of our payment for my eldest daughter’s PACES. I was still able to turn it off properly using the on/off button. So I was really surprised that it suddenly didn’t function on Friday night.

When I brought it to the supplier, the personnel told me that the warranty has expired. Hmm… I thought the warranty was extended for another six month. He asked to contact the person who told me that the warranty was extended and if possible to communicate with them to confirm the extension. I forgot to get the email address of Mr. Samuel. I also lost his intivar review personal mobile number. But I still have the number of Ms. Sablan. So when I reached home, I contacted Ms Sablan and told her my problem. She promised me to forward my concern with Epson. I am hoping that I could get a feedback from them before Wednesday because that is the shipping day of Thinking Tools to Cebu.

The personnel who assisted me suggested that I request for replacement instead of warranty extension. We suspected that the problem was in the motherboard again. And since the model has been phased-out, he doubted if Epson is still manufacturing brand new parts for the model. So what might happen is the motherboard will be replaced with a refurbished one. The unit will work again but not for long. So I will need to return it again for repair but the problem is if the warranty extension has expired already. I agree with him? Isn’t that was my initial request when the printer was broken last February?

I’ll wait for Epson’s response within the day. If  I don’t receive any response, I might contact them again tomorrow. This isn’t the best time not to be able to use the printer because I need it very much for our church anniversary preparation. Actually, I observed that the printer usually rendered itself unusable during the times that I badly need it most. What a good timing, right?


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8 thoughts on “My Epson L200 All-In-One Printer Is Not Working Again

  1. Aw! I hope you’ll get a good feedback the soonest. We are having problems too with our Canon printers naman. I researched how to reset to remove the error so everytime may error reset lang. I am looking for a printer naman for our personal use. I want to expand to making invitations kasi.

    1. Mommy Maye, ganyan ata talaga ang problem ng Canon. Pero sana hindi ganun kamahal bili mo at sana nagamit mo na sya ng matagal tagal 🙂
      Ok naman sana ung L200 dahil continuous ink, pero dahil daw pilot product tong L200, problematic talaga. Sabi ng supplier mas walang nagbabalik nung sumunod na model which is L210 at nakakapagtakang mag mura agad ng 2K kesa sa L200.

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