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I’ve been using an HP USB 3 Button Optical Mouse for years now. The mouse was just a freebie to my HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop which my friend bought for me in Singapore few years ago. I actually liked the mouse. It doesn’t cause my hand to hurt even when I used it for quite long. I feel comfortable with it. It fits my hand perfectly, not high and not too low.

Recently, I noticed that it started acting up. Well, sad to say it didn’t have a natural death. My little E finds it as an object of attraction.  Whenever Little E finds an opportunity to grab it (usually when I leave my table), she would immediately press it.  If she does not get contented, she will swing it to the table back and forth. The mouse already fell several times on the floor but forex trading forex it didn’t say goodbye. But this time, it seems that it could no longer endure the Little Girl’s torment so it decided to resign.

I grabbed the opportunity to go the downtown yesterday since Hubby decided to be absent from school. I looked for additional memory for the second-hand laptop I bought last week. I also looked for an HP mouse. Unfortunately, Thinking Tools has no HP mouse so I opted for an A4Tech N-500f Padless Mouse for only P300. A4Tech N-500f Padless Mouse

The mouse is a bit bigger than my previous HP mouse but the quality is the same. The pointer does not jump just like my HP when it was still in good shaped. It does not give me any pain yet and I hope that it won’t ever. I also hope that it would also last for years. Its durability is yet to find out.


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