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Pastor’s Wife Fellowship At Buenavista Bohol

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It is a holiday here in Bohol in celebration of Bohol Day.  It happened that the monthly Pastors’ Wives Fellowship was scheduled today. The fellowship was held in Buenavista Bohol. The host was still a struggling mission work in Buenavista and it was an encouragement for me that when the name of the pastor’s wife was drawn last May, she didn’t refuse to host.  Probably that time she was thinking where would she accommodate the pastors and wives who would be attending the fellowship considering the size of their place.

Their church was around 12-feet long and 8-feet wide (it was just a rough estimate but it was really small). It was a traditional nipa hut – anahaw roof, amakan wall and bamboo floor.  The nipa hut’s underneath was sea water. The nipa hut was their house cum meeting place.

It was my first time to visit the place. When our company, two pastors and three pastors’ wives arrived in the place, the place is silent. We asked the neighbors and they told us that the family was in Baranggay Hall. So we went back to find the Baranggay Hall. We were warmed-welcomed by Ma’am Judith, the host pastor’s wife.  She informed us that she was allowed by the Brgy. Captain to use the day care room for our fellowship. We then learned that she was requested to handle the daycare class in their baranggay when the regular teacher filed for an indefinite leave.  It was a blessing that the Brgy. Captain give his approval despite the fact that she was still new in her post and the Brgy. Captain was not on the same faith. God uses even the non-believer for His work.

When Ma’am Judith gave her testimony I was really blessed of her experiences and how the Lord worked in their lives.  I was encouraged of how the Lord lift her up and how the Lord used the authorities to help them spread the Word of God. I believe that the work in Buenavista will soon reap the seeds sown in the heart of the people there if they continue steadfastly. The harvest time in that place is fast approaching and the working of the Lord is very much visible in the lives of the Manginsay family. I am very much blessed of their lives.

The situation of Ma’am Judith and her family made me thankful of what God had given me and my family. It is true that we don’t own a house but God lent us a place to stay comfortably and my kids could play on the ground without me worrying that they might fall on the sea. It is true that we are not rich and we could not buy all our wants, but we are given much more than we need. It made me also feel ashamed of the times I complain because I could not buy a new skirt or a new blouse or a new pair of sandals. It made me feel ungrateful when I feel deprived of the enjoyment of my earnings because I spent them for the needs of other people. It was very embarrassing in the sight of the Lord that I still complain despite all the things that He has given me while there are much deserving children of Him of the blessings that I received. I was awaken and the Lord showed clearly how blessed I am. I was reminded to be thankful at all times and to share whatever I have with others with joyful heart.



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