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Turned Two

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Disclosure: This is a very late post!!!

This little gal who loves to make funny faces just turned two last February 27.
Jyma EzrielaWe didn’t have the usual kids’ party celebration. DH and I agreed (seconded by her Ate Jyma) that instead of cooking and preparing for a kids’ party,  we would just go out and swim somewhere. Who wouldn’t embrace this idea? Definitely not me, haha! It would save me from the preparing food, place and activities for the celebration. We don’t also need to spend so much for the celebration. Most of all, the little birthday girl, will be one who will enjoy most on her special day.

We chose Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa to celebrate the Li’l Girl’s birthday. We left the church where we live a little pass 8 o’clock in the morning and before the 9 A.M. we were already in the resort. We only avail the day tour because we can’t afford even their cheapest cottage.

The entrance fee was only Php 550.00 per head for adult and Php 450.00 for children ages between 2 and 12. The Li’l Girl was still free. Php 400 of the Php 550 and Php 300 of the Php 450 were consumable for food and beverages. Only Php 150 was spared for the use of facilities and pools. We pay additional Php 300 for the kayak. So all in all we only spent Php 1,850.00 for the day tour. Good enough, right?

As I observed, the Li’l Girl had fun

Ellabut much more her Ate Jyma. Both could not be stopped from playing in the pool. My only regret was I did not bring someone who can act as our photographer and helper while I joined the Husband and the Daughters in the pool. I was their photographer cum assistant haha!

When the sun was so hot, I take out the Li’l girl from the pool while Husband and Ate decided to try the kayak.  The sun was very hot that Husband and my elder daughter could not stay on the sea for so long. I think in less than 15 minutes they returned to the shore.

KayakSince the heat of the sun was intolerable, we decided to take a rest and have our lunch ordered.  Meals must be ordered 20 – 30 minutes ahead for the preparations.  We didn’t wait for so long and the orders arrived.

We had a simple meal. Husband ordered a chicken meal (I forgot the exact name) and tacos for me. We also ordered a kiddie meal for the kids.


After eating, we stroll around. We learned that the whole area was 14 hectares but the large part of it was still undeveloped.

The PlaceAfter few minutes of strolling, we return to the pool and though it was just 2pm, my older could not be refrained from going back to the pool. Being alone didn’t hinder her to splash and swish on the pool So while she was enjoying the pool by herself, we ordered a halo – halo for snack. The Li’l Girl enjoyed it as mush as I did 😀 After finishing the halo – halo, Husband and the Li’l Girl joined our elder princess on the pool. The rest of the afternoon was spent on the pool.

Every birthday must be celebrated. I learned it from one of the blogs I frequently visit. But it needs not to be extravagant or costly. As long as the day is spent on a special way, I believe it is still called celebration. And this is how we celebrated the special day of our Li’l Girl.

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18 thoughts on “Turned Two

  1. Happy birthday to your little girl. It’s indeed not necessary to prepare for a kid’s birthday party especially if the budget is tight. There are people who indeed choose to spend the day just swimming, or going to the mall, or eating out. Great pictures showing how happy is your little one.

  2. Wow, what a nice and memorable way to celebrate your daughter’s birthday, sis! Yes, it doesn’t matter if it’s grand or simple, as long as you celebrate it with the ones you love, that’s all that matters.

    Oh, your daughter can really make cute and funny faces, adorable! 🙂

  3. That was a fun celebration, Your lil girl is so cute. Now I’m getting ready for a birthday party for my little one who is turning one in a month. I’m excited!

  4. Belated happy birthday, cute little girl! Magka-age na sila ni Yuri ko. We’re also planning to take Yuri to the beach soon. So exciting to have toddlers around, no?

  5. Your daughter certainly can make faces and it’s cute! 🙂

    The consumable entrance fee is a good means to consider the resort over the others because of this great policy! My family was there 2010 and it was really the most breathtaking places we’ve been to!

  6. She’s so cute. Time flies so fast ano sis. Soon she’ll be a dalaginding. Belated happy birthday Li’l Girl. May God bless you with good health and be safe always.

  7. Indeed, she really had fun in the water. I remember Matt when we had our outing last summer, he doesn’t want to get out of the water once he was there.

  8. I really want to visit Bohol. One day! I prefer a birthday celebration like this one. Oh, thanks for posting their day rate.

  9. I also decided that we would go have a mini vacation somewhere for our children’s birthday, instead of a party. Glad she enjoyed! 🙂

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