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Gift For A Friend’s Birthday

  • Sumo

My dearest friend will be celebrating her birthday on the 20th of July. I am planning to send her a bouquet of flowers on her birthday as a gift. I have started browsing different online flower shops which Mr. Google recommends to look for the perfect flower that will fit my budget.

I have already browsed quite a number of sites but I haven’t found the right store yet because either the flower is too pricey or I am not satisfied with the arrangement. I almost wished that my friend just decided to live in Cambridge rather than in Sydney. If she only lives in Cambridge, I would not need to take so much time looking for the perfect flower gift because ProFlowers has Cabridge MA flowers delivery. But since she lives in Sydney, I might need to consume the remaining days to find the gift for her. Anyway, I still have 29 more days to look for a perfect gift for her.


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