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A Friend Is Getting Married

  • Sumo

I am delighted to know that Sciezka’s favorite Ninong will tie the knot on the 11th month of this year to his long time girlfriend. But I am also a bit sad because I am no longer in Manila and I can’t help them in the preparation of their wedding. I even promised him and his girlfriend who is also a close friend of mine that I will help them look for her wedding dress. I was not also able to leave them the catalog of wedding dresses I used when I was looking for the design of my wedding gown. Well, some of those gowns are probably out of fashion already but she can combine the design to come up with her own style. That was what I did with my gown with the help of my dearest friend.

Daughter will be part of the entourage as a flower girl. They requested me to shoulder the cost of my daughter’s gown which is not a problem with me since I know that their budget is also limited. What I’m hoping and praying now is that we will be able to get a cheap airfare going to Manila and back here in Bohol so we can attend the event.

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