Start of 2013

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How was the start of your 2013? I hope it was not like mine. 2013 didn’t start off on the right foot for me. All of us, me, Hubby and my two daughters, are all sick. It started with me on the eve of the 31st. I spent my new year in bed. The three followed after two days, on the night of our flight back here in Bohol.

I brought my daughters to their pediatrician Forex last yesterday. My eldest was diagnosed with pneumonia. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic for her together with Antihistamine for her colds and Salbutamol syrup for her cough while my youngest was only given Antihistamine and Salbutamol. Imagine my situation, nursing two sick daughters plus myself. Not easy, right?

I hope this will not be a year-round of sicknesses for all of us. And I hope and pray that my daughters will get better soon.


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