Start of 2013

How was the start of your 2013? I hope it was not like mine. 2013 didn’t start off on the right foot for me. All of us, me, Hubby and my two daughters, are all sick. It started with me on the eve of the 31st. I spent my new year in bed. The three followed after two days, on…

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Child Rearing, Parenting

Daughter Was Discharged From The Hospital

I thank and praise God for allowing my daughter to be out from the hospital yesterday though she still needs to continue taking her medication. She was allowed to go out because according to the doctor, her platelets didn’t go down. The reason why she was admitted to the hospital last Thursday was because of dehydration due to her fever.…

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Family Matters

On & Off Fever Of Daughter

My daughter’s fever started last Sunday. Right after the worship service I noticed that her temperature was not normal. When we reached home, I immediately checked her temperature and it was 38.3. I gave her Tempra then she was able to sleep. When she woke up, she’s already fine. She already played the whole afternoon. But after the evening service,…

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