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Daughter Was Discharged From The Hospital

  • Sumo

I thank and praise God for allowing my daughter to be out from the hospital yesterday though she still needs to continue taking her medication. She was allowed to go out because according to the doctor, her platelets didn’t go down.

The reason why she was admitted to the hospital last Thursday was because of dehydration due to her fever. But after 2 days in the hospital, her fever was still on and off.  The doctor suspected that it was an overlapping sickness so she requested a 12 – hour interval CBC tests. After several CBCs, the doctor declared that my daughter has dengue too but not the hemorrhagic type. I thought Daughter needs to stay longer in the hospital because of Dengue so I was relieved when I learned from Husband (he was the one with my eldest that time because I had to go home to breastfeed my 9-month old daughter) that the doctor declared that Daughter was safe to go home.

The hospitable bill for my daughter’s three-day confinement wounded our family income.  But I’m thankful that God provided us enough to pay the bill and given us a very kind and generous doctor who didn’t charge us for professional fee. Instead, she only claimed the PHIC deduction for the doctor. May the Lord return the favor to this doctor by giving her more paying-patients. I’m also thankful that I continued my PHIC contribution as a voluntary member. The PHIC hospital deductions were also substantial.

I continue praying for my daughter’s complete recovery. I am also praying that the cough of my 9 – month old daughter will not get worse.

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2 thoughts on “Daughter Was Discharged From The Hospital

  1. Health problems are expensive and being admitted entails a substantial amount of expense no matter what the illness. PHIC is very helpful to help out but PHIC is also so strict, and they do have lots of cases which they consider non-compensable.

    1. Really? Usually I just submit the filled-in forms to the billing department of the hospital. They will be the one who will assess and deduct the appropriate amount from the total bill.

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