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Rewards For Early Completion of PACEs

  • Sumo

Daughter completed her Packet of Accelerated Christian Education (PACEs) for Level 1 early (one benefit of The School of Tomorrow System, a student works in his/her own phase). She is supposed to start her Level 2 PACEs this month but since she will start homeschooling by January (Lord willing), Hubby and I agreed to let her have an early vacation from school while processing the homeschooling requirements. Anyway she’s still young so there is no need to rush. When I told this to her, she was more than happy to agree. Who wouldn’t be if her mind immediately started thinking of the things that she wanted to do while at home which included doing her activity pad, reading books, watching videos and playing pretend-games.

Aside from the early vacation, my eldest daughter has an additional reward for completing her PACEs earlier than the projected time. The reward is a treat to Enchanted Kingdom. She saw an advertisement of Enchanted Kingdom in a flight magazine during our trip to Manila last year. She asked me what is Enchanted Kingdom. So I told her that it is a place where there are so many fun rides. She further asked if we could go there that time. Unfortunately, our trip that time was so brief and our schedule was already congested so I honestly told her that we couldn’t because our schedule and budget wouldn’t permit us. But I promised her that if she would do her best in school and finished her PACEs on time or ahead of time, I might bring her there on our next Manila trip. And that next trip happens to be our trip this month.  For the entire year, she keeps on reminding me about my promise and she even told this to her teacher so she will be allowed to do advance work.

Hubby will not be with us on the trip. His commitments forced him to get a new flight booking with a later date. It would be very expensive if all of us will get a new flight schedule besides I have other commitments in Manila too so the kids and I should proceed with our original schedule. Since I’ll be traveling with two kids, I have to prepare some good games for the special day to keep my eldest daughter busy so I can pay more attention to the younger one.

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