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Movie Night

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Friday night  is usually our family’s video – watching night. This is my eldest daughter’s schedule to watch movies at home so Hubby and I just joined her especially if we haven’t watched the film yet. We also join her even though the film is usually Christian video and is safe for her to watch alone so we could answer her promptly if she has a question.

You are probably thinking that it is expensive to buy DVDs every week. Yes it is but we don’t buy DVDs too often. We only buy new a DVD once every month. Daughter usually watches the movie more than once. Like other kids, she is fond of watching the movie again and again. Before she gets tired watching the same movie, the DVD has some scratches already. So it is really a must to have a backup of the DVD for her frequent use. I only use my laptop’s DVD writer to duplicate the DVD since I just need an extra copy for a backup. But if you also intend to duplicate your precious DVDs in bulk, you may want to check disc2day for dvd duplication. They provide bulk DVD duplication service.  But make sure that you only duplicate your own copy and for your own purpose only.

Once Daughter get tired watching the movie we bought and we don’t have yet the budget to buy a new one, our next option is YouTube. The site has now full movies which can be watched via streaming.

Watching movie every Friday night is not expensive yet it is a good pass- time for the entire family.

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8 thoughts on “Movie Night

  1. A movie night is something that every family should have. A bit of time away from everything enjoying each others company on the sofa with the popcorn

    1. We sometimes do that but since we live in the uttermost part of the world, there is no decent DVD rental shop here 😀 We have to travel to the downtown to have an rent a legit DVD copy.

  2. i think a movie night is a great family bonding activity. you get to discuss things with your kids and just enjoy each other’s company

  3. nice family activity… 🙂 hope i could setup something as regular as a movie night with my fam later too…when the baby is about grown up hehehe… for now its playtime before bedtime hehe 😀

  4. Movie nights are good opportunities for family bonding. It’s a nice tradition you’ve started for your family, one that your daughter is sure to remember and look forward to 🙂

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