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On & Off Fever Of Daughter

  • Sumo

My daughter’s fever started last Sunday. Right after the worship service I noticed that her temperature was not normal. When we reached home, I immediately checked her temperature and it was 38.3. I gave her Tempra then she was able to sleep. When she woke up, she’s already fine. She already played the whole afternoon. But after the evening service, I noticed that her eyes was teary and when I felt her neck, she was warm. I gave her Tempra again and she slept the whole night continously. Yesterday, from morning until late afternoon, but around five p.m., her temperature was not normal again. After dinner, I gave her another shot of Tempra. Around 1:30 a.m., I was awaken by the heat coming from her body and she was also awake. But before that, she kept on crying and shouting while sleeping. I administer another dose of Tempra. She didn’t sleep immediately. I just let talk until she finally fell asleep again.

This morning, I told my husband to monitor my daughter’s temperature because I need to report to the office. If the fever comes back in the afternoon, we will let her blood check by tomorrow. According to my husband, she’s fine the whole day, no fever at all. But few minutes ago, she started coughing. Probably her fever is caused by the frequent change of weather. I learned this morning that the baby on the other unit was also having an on & off fever.

I‘m really praying and hoping that my daughter will get better very soon without going to the doctor. We can’t afford to have another casualty in the family. And I trust that God is in control of everything.

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