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Started Homeschooling

  • Sumo

Finally we have started our homeschooling adventure, yay! Daughter and I were supposed to start last Monday but since all of us in the house were not in good shaped, we postponed it. I thought we the earliest we could start is on Monday. But it seems daughter misses her schoolwork so she asks me if we could start already. So after my morning obligations, we started off.

It was a bit late when we started this morning. But we managed to start with the rituals – Lupang Hinirang song, Panatang Makabayan, Pledge Allegiance to the Christian Flag and Pledge Allegiance to the Bible. If you are a Boholano, you can immediately identify that there was one missing piece in the “rituals”. Can you guess? It was the Bohol Hymn. If you are a Christian, you will also notice the most important missing  part – the opening prayer. My bad 🙁 I was actually pacifying my second daughter while I was listening to my eldest doing the rituals that I forgot to start with a prayer. Maybe I was not really prepared to start today. Hopefully, tomorrow’s session will be more organize and smooth-flowing.

We haven’t built her “office” yet. Temporarily, she will be using her old table until we have decided what table to buy and where to place it.  We will consider this once we are all completely well. But for the mean time, we can use whatever is available.



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    1. Hi Mommy Maye,

      Iba-iba din ata ung curriculum for homeschooling. It will depend on the preference of the parents. For us, we chose SOT – PACE system. The reason for this is because we don’t need to create our own lesson plan and test. All are included in the PACES.

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