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Is it not cool to own a car?  I believe it is. Land trips becomes more convenient when traveling in own vehicle especially if there are kids. The trip also becomes faster compare when commuting. But conveniences are not free, most of the time they are expensive. And this applies to having a car.

The church has been blessed with its own vehicles and because my husband is the current pastor of the church, we are privilege to use them when necessary. The vehicles were no longer in good conditions when we arrived here two years ago. Recently, the multi-cab which is being used to pick-up attenders and members whenever there are church services,  had undergo three major repairs – he transmission, hydro back break system and engine overhaul. Based on what I heard from my husband, the most expensive repair was the engine overhaul which required a hydraulic cylinder replacement. The church finances were tremendously affected of these repairs.

The next plan was to have the Mitsubishi Adventure fixed but this will require a big amount especially that the vehicle was automatic. The estimate given to us by a local Servitek was a whooping Php 50,000, minimum. The other plan is to have our  churchmate from Manila who is a mechanic to come over. He will also buy all the needed parts in Manila before going here. The expense will be lessen by almost half. But the amount is still big for a small church like us. So we have started praying for God’s provision.

Both vehicles are a big help to us especially when there is an urgent need to go down to the city.  Thus, we are really praying that before it finally break down, we will be able to raise the needed amount.

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4 thoughts on “Owning A Car

  1. Good luck in raising your fund. I wanted to buy a car, too, as it is really helpful this days especially if you’re in a hurry. But we had more important priorities last year. Hopefully we could buy one this year.

  2. that’s our major goal for this year too!!! i bought a 1974 mitsubishi lancer before we got married dahil gusto ko lang ng classic hehehe… ti served us well during my 1st pregnancy… now we’re encountering a lot of trouble with it so we’re selling and planning to buy a brand new na… 🙂

  3. Owning a vehicle is really convenient. We got our 2nd hand m. adventure in 2009 after we receive our separation pay. So far the vehicle had not experienced major repair yet. Our problem are the tires because the cheapest we got so far was at P5000 each because the first owner had the rims changed. Bale low profile na sya and ang mahal talaga ng tires.

  4. Owning a car these days is more of a convenient than a luxury. More so, with the various car companies who make everyone own one by lowering the DP, this dream is indeed achievable.

    Btw, sis, can you help me with my domain? Are you using blogger or WP? Please email me at inlovewithsunflower@yahoo.com so I can share with you my problem. I can pay a PF too. 🙂

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