Thieves Break Through And Steal

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We had a very unexpected and unwanted visitor last night while all of us were in the downtown. It was a BURGLAR!!! The common-fund of the ladies of the church amounting to more than Php5,000 and the demerit money of the grade 7s amounting to more than Php 250 were taken. These moneys were on the drawer of table were my laptop was placed. The burglar passed-through the window by removing two parallel glasses of the jalousie windows near in the kitchen. The thief (or thieves, as we suspected) knows the church compound and knows the church vehicle. There was probably a looked-out few meters away from the church who signaled the penetrator that we were coming. The stealer used the low-level side-roof to escape. When we arrived we still heard sound of footsteps on the roof but we thought that they were just cats. It was when we realized that the two window glasses were missing that we realized that the steps were from the robber’s feet who was escaping. Husband and the Ruby Mar (one of the seventh grader) tried to run after the burglar but were not able to catch him.

Hubby reported the incident to the police station. The police investigator was not in the station so no police authority went to our place to get the finger prints of the thief or performed any investigation. They told hubby that they’ll be here today to do a follow-up. But as of this writing, no police man showed up yet.

It was a frightening experience for all of us. The Girls (the seventh grader who lives with us) were afraid to be alone. It was also my first time to experience this kind of robbery. But there is still something to thank God for. My laptop and the church offering in red bag which was just near the table were not taken. I remember God’s Word in Matthew 9:19 which says “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal.” Though we don’t have any material treasure and we don’t own the money stolen from us, I am once reminded that treasures must be laid in heaven and not here on earth.

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6 thoughts on “Thieves Break Through And Steal

  1. Thank God nobody was around when the robbery took place. Who knows what these people are capable of doing. Doble ingat sis.

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