De-Stressing Agents

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I love flowers. I love the colors, shapes and sizes of different flowers. The church compound has a yard, but  unfortunately, the soil is not a good soil for plants. The soil is mostly sandy thus most plants never live for so long. They only live for a very short period of time then will have a pre-mature death because the ground does not supply sufficient nutrients.  The only flowering plant that I enjoyed seeing is the Marigold. I have some of them in the front yard which adds life to the front area. Their lives are also short but good thing is before one dies, there is new plant growing to replace dying plant.

Marigold does not have a fragrance unlike the dried lavender bunches. But I love their bright yellow and orange colors. Whenever my eyes feel tired looking on the monitor of my laptop, I step out for a while and look at these flowers. They are my de-stressing agents.

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2 thoughts on “De-Stressing Agents

  1. I love flowers as subject on my photography. I love their colors and really one of the best de-stressing agent.

  2. I love flowers too and I get an instant lift whenever I see them. The most obvious of course are sunflowers. When I was younger, my mom would buy flowers from Baguio but I don’t know the name. They come in various colors and they would stay fresh up to a month or even two 🙂 These made our sala more homey 🙂

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