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Manila Vacation Ends

  • Sumo

Our trip to Manila didn’t end so well and that was because at the night of our flight going back here in Bohol, both my daughters were sick. Both have colds and cough with fever. It was a sleepless night for all of us.

Though the trip’s ending was not that good, our stay in Manila allowed me and hubby accomplished several things. Are you interested to know? Okay, here are they.

  • I was able to attend the orientation for my daughter’s homeschooling at Philippine School of Tomorrow. I was also able to purchase the complete set of PACEs for the level she will be working on.
  • Hubby was able to buy a complete second-hand Yamaha electric piano. We were also able to bring the piano here in Bohol via Zest-Air Cargo. This electric piano will replace the old church organ.
  • We were able to fulfill our promise to my daughter to visit Enchanted Kingdom if she finishes her previous PACEs level earlier which she did.
  • I was able to see and bond with my parents, brothers, nieces and nephews.
  • I had a great fellowship-time with my former church mates and Sunday School students. It was a rewarding feeling to see the little children I used to fetch for Sunday School that they were all-grown up and still in the ministry.
  • I had a great time bonding my dearest friend, Ate Myra. Indeed, distance and time didn’t change our love and care for each other.
  • I was able to shop for my daughter’s house clothes and Sunday dresses at cheap prices. Where? At Baclaran and Divisoria. The developments in both places were very significant.
  • We were also able to shop for my husband’s Sunday attire at discounted prices during the end-of-year sale of SM North Edsa.

If there were things we were able to accomplish, there were also activities that we planned to do but failed to do it.

  • I was not able to taste Aveneto’s pasta and pizza.
  •  We were not able to visit Quezon City Memorial Circle. During our scheduled play time at QCMC, the rain was pouring that we could not go.
  • I was not able to purchase the giveaways for my youngest daughter’s 1st birthday. I was not also able to buy her dress because Tabora was burned few days before we visit Divisoria.
  • We had no photo at Enchanted Kingdom as a family. Hubby and daughter were too busy lining up for the rides while I was not feeling-well while carrying the younger daughter.
  •  I failed to take our family photo during the time that we were complete. We enjoyed talking and eating that much that we forgot to have a family picture.

So that is the glimpse of our visit to Manila during the holidays. How about you? How did you spend your holidays?

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