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Old Coins And Bills

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While we were packing our things for our relocation, hubby discovered my collection of old coins. That was also the time I remembered those coins. When we checked the coins, there were 1 peso coins as old as 197x and old cents. There were few coins in foreign currencies like us coins and Taiwan coins. I could not remember where I got the us coins but I got the Taiwan coins when I had a business trip in Taipei few years back. I remember that my college classmate wanted to buy my old 1 peso coins for 20 pesos each. I think sold few not for money but I saw my classmates desire to have some of them.

old ten peso billAside from the coins, we also discovered my collection of bills. I have a 10 peso bill during the Japanese regime. I also have old bills which were no longer printed which I saved as souvenir. I also have bills in foreign currencies like Rupiah, Canadian dollars, US dollars, Taiwan dollars, and Riyal. The bills were just small bills and probably have no more value.

Now, I could not remember again where I placed the old coins but for sure they are just in one of our unopened boxes.

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