A Dream Camera

  • Sumo

In my few days stay here in Panglao, there is one thing that never fails to catch my attention, that is the marvelous sky at dawn and dusk. The sky is very noticeable here because there is no high buildings and other tall infrastructure. Whenever I admire the beauty of the sky, I always remember my silent wish to have a dslr camera to capture the wonderful creation of God.

When I was still in Manila and had a chance to pass by a camera store, I often check the prices of dslr cameras. I always wanted to buy one but this wish is always set aside because a more important need arise. Now that I no longer have a fix income, it will be more difficult for me to buy one. But I’m not yet losing hope. I know that God is able to provide me a dslr in His own time and purpose. For now, I’m thankful that I have a camera to use, the more sophisticated will come soon ^_^.

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