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Immunization Day

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Daughter has no class yesterday since Malacañang declared June 20, 2011 as a national holiday.  Thus hubby and I decided to bring my daughter to a pedia for her second shot of Hepa – A vaccine. Our Pastor’s wife recommended a pediatrician who is a brother of a pastor. Since we don’t know any pediatrician here, we considered it a blessing that someone recommended a pediatrician to us. At least we can look for a specific name in the hospital’s directory.

Our Pastor’s wife knows the clinic of the pediatrician but not the clinic hours. Since I still have some tasks to do in the morning, we decided to leave during lunch time. We arrived on the hospital where the pediatrician has a clinic and easily found it. We asked the secretary about the doctor’s clinic hours and we were happy to find out that he has a clinic yesterday, from 1 pm to 3pm.  It was pass 1pm already but according to the secretary, the doctor was still on his way to the clinic. We were just on time, hubby and I thought. We need not to wait for long.  We were already happy that the pedia was coming today {despite the hostile look of the secretary. She even tried to push us to other doctor. It seems that she was not happy to have patients :D} because it meant that our travel going to the downtown was not wasted.

Going back to our home few hours earlier, I’ve talked to my daughter that we were about to see a doctor because she needed an injection. Ever since she realized that injections incurred pain, she got afraid of seeing a doctor. She gets hysterical just merely realizing that we are heading to her former pedia’s clinic.  So I’ve explained to her that she needs the injection so she will not get sick. I also told her that getting sick is harder and painful than the injection. I promised her that I’ll treat to Jollibee if she agreed to have the injection and didn’t cry. She bargained that she wanted pizza instead of Jollibee and she would cry but only for a while. I agreed to her bargain.

The doctor arrived few minutes before three. He was exactly opposite of his secretary.  When he saw us waiting outside his clinic he smiled and greeted us. We decided to wait outside his clinic {along the hospital aisle} because there were older patients inside the clinic who seemed to be sick. He shares clinic with another neuro-doctor. Daughter was persuading us to wait inside because the clinic was air-conditioned and the aisle was not. But we don’t want to take the risk that daughter might get infected of the other’s illnesses.

When our turn finally came, daughter was interviewed by the doctor. She was even asked if she knew why she was in the clinic. Daughter answered yes. She was asked if she was afraid and she answered no. But when she saw that the doctor started preparing the injection to be used and positioned it on her arm, she started wriggling. So hubby and I firmed her arm. She was really afraid of the injection. But when the needle was injected to her, she no longer moved until the all vaccine was consumed on her arm. Surprisingly, she didn’t even cry! And as promised, we headed to Greenwich for pizza.

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