New Vehicles

  • Sumo

Our church is praying for new vehicles. Currently, the church has a 10-year old Mitsubishi Adventure, a multi-cab and a motorbike. These vehicles are used to pickup attendees and visitors whenever there is a church activity. They are also used for visitation. But because of so many factors, the maintenance of  the Adventure and multi-cab is getting costly. Big part of the church money goes to the frequent repairs and gasoline.

Just last week, the Adventure was brought to the auto shop for repair. Our pastor, who is a little bit old, didn’t bother to ask for a quotation or estimate of the cost for the repair. He just paid the repair cost after the vehicle was repaired. . How I wish there is an for Bohol auto repair shops so we could at least check the estimate online and which shop offers the best deal.

The church is praying for vehicles which are cost-effective. Lord willing, we are planning to buy motorcycles with side-car which can transport around eight people. We are eyeing motorcycles because their consumption of gasoline is way lesser than cars and their maintenance is less-expensive. We don’t have a budget yet but we have started praying for it. The Lord will provide because this is for His work.


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