Boldness In Sharing The Gospel

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I seldom ride on a bus here in Panglao. Either I ride on motorbike with Husband or we bring the church service vehicle whenever there is a need to go to Tagbiliran. Last Saturday, I had an opportunity to commute going to Tagbilaran. I rode on a mini-bus which is known locally as “trak.” I was thinking of handing out Gospel tracts to my fellow commuters but when I checked my bag, there was no single Gospel tract. I felt disappointed of myself. It was a good opportunity to share the Gospel.

While I was waiting for the bus to start moving, I wonder if I can stand in the midst of the bus and share the Gospel. But of course I have no plan of collecting money like what members of other sect do in Manila. It would just be pure sharing of the Gospel. But I think my confidence to stand up in the midst of people whom I don’t know is not yet fully composed in myself. This is something to pray for, “boldness” in sharing the Gospel.

While thinking on this, I remembered the street preaching ministry of one of the churches in Tagbilaran. I admired the boldness and courage of those who are involved in this ministry. I usually see them every Tuesday afternoon giving Gospel tracts and preaching beside the street. They bring their portable PA system so the voice of the preacher could be heard in farther distance. I don’t think their PA system is a classic fender passport 150 pro at musician’s friend but still PA helps to reach more people’s ears. May God bless them as they share the Gospel.

I am praying that someday our little church here in Panglao will also have the same ministry or even just a bus ministry, Lord willing.

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5 thoughts on “Boldness In Sharing The Gospel

  1. I remember when i was in college, a member of the group will share the gospel right in front of the terminal they are also handing out Gospel tracts, other member are trying to collect money from the commuters.

  2. Boldness is needed to share His word to others publicly. Siguro practicing it will also be a good way to do it if you wish to do this in the midst of many people. And you’re right, in Manila, there are many groups who ask for donations when they share the Word of God.

  3. It does take a lot of courage to speak up and minister to people in a setting other than a church. It comes with grace and training. Don’t give up. Perhaps you can ask at your church if they have teams that go out to minister. If they do, join in and with time it will become easy to do. ๐Ÿ™‚

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