Virtual Counterparts

As I always say, technology has gone too far. Almost everything has a virtual counterpart. Even music instruments have their virtual counterpart. I’ve browsed some virtual piano pages when I was searching for online piano tutorials for my daughter and now I learned that you can find drum machine software at musicians friend. I haven’t tried searching for virtual guitar…

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Anything Under The Sun

Left-Handed Designed Guitar

Are you left-handed and having a hard-time playing the usual guitar design? Tim armstrong left handed acoustic electric might be the answer to your problem. I never thought that there is a special-designed guitar for left-handed people. But this one will be beneficial for left-handed guitarist. It will be much more comfortable for them to play the guitar, hence would…

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Bits & Pieces

Cluttered Desk

I think I need a  Gator Rack Drawer 2 Space at musician’s friend to declutter my table. My working table is overcrowded with chargers, cables, school supplies, etc. Name it and you find it on my desk. My table has drawers so I wonder why those items are still on my desk. Sometimes I could not work properly because of…

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Boldness In Sharing The Gospel

I seldom ride on a bus here in Panglao. Either I ride on motorbike with Husband or we bring the church service vehicle whenever there is a need to go to Tagbiliran. Last Saturday, I had an opportunity to commute going to Tagbilaran. I rode on a mini-bus which is known locally as “trak.” I was thinking of handing out…

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Etc Etc

Clarinet At Musician’s Friend

Are you interested in playing clarinet? You may want to check the great clarinet at musicians friend. Some of them are on discounted prices. I could not grab the opportunity because no one in the family plays a clarinet. I don’t also know anyone who plays it except for Squidward, a fictional character in an animated show SpongeBob SquarePants who…

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