Bohol Camp 2012

  • Sumo

I missed the church camp in my mother church in Project 8 for two consecutive years now. I terribly missed the fellowship with other campers and my involvement in the camp ๐Ÿ™ We could not get a cheap airfare for holy week which is when the camp is usually held.

We will also have our camp here in Bohol. From the latest of what I heard, it will be held on May 14 to 18. So don’t expect me to be online on those days. The venue will be the same venue last year which is at Camp Kariz in Ubay Bohol. I have started praying that everything will be in order as we travel going there. I remember last year that one of the vehicles we used broke down even before we reach quarter of the trip. It could not be fixed that time even we hired a mechanic so it was pulled by the other vehicle until we reach the venue. We could not also leave it because it carried most of the church campers and all our things. We were supposed to arrive in the venue before lunch time but because of the unexpected problem, we already arrived past dinner time and the program has already started.

The camp here is different from the camp in Project 8. In Project 8, there is a committee assigned for cooking. While here in Bohol, campers were responsible for their own food. Good thing in our church, we had a member who can cook for all the church delegates. She can cooked the old way, using only woods. So we had no problem with food last year.

Unfortunately, that member could not join this year’s camp ๐Ÿ™ so we don’t know yet who will be assigned in cooking. We are planning to have easy-to-cook dishes. So we will probably just have fried and grilled dishes. And it would be a lot easier if we have a gas grills. Hubby suggested that we bring a stove and LPG so cooking will not be hard and long.

But anyway, food is not that important. I am more excited with the preaching that I will be hearing and the fellowship with other Baptists here in Bohol.

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