Keyboard Lesson

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Since it is summer and daughter is home the whole day, 7 times a week, I requested my hubby to start teaching my daughter how to play the Keyboard. There is an available keyboard in the church which they can use for teaching and practice. The keyboard we have in church is not a very new and up-to-date but it is still working. This is the same keyboard we used during worship services. To make the sound louder, the keyboard is connected to a controller and amplified. Probably, a Livid Keyboards could make the sound better.

Going back to Keyboard lesson, hubby started teaching my daughter the proper fingering. Daughter practice it when she only likes it. For her this is already enough and does not want to move to another lesson. Sigh! I think she is not yet ready for the Keyboard lesson yet. She is more interested to sing that to play the keyboard.

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