Bohol Camp 2012

I missed the church camp in my mother church in Project 8 for two consecutive years now. I terribly missed the fellowship with other campers and my involvement in the camp 🙁 We could not get a cheap airfare for holy week which is when the camp is usually held. We will also have our camp here in Bohol. From…

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Christian Life

Weary But Glad

I am glad I participated in our church camp this year. It was indeed a blessing to me. God gave me an opportunity to win souls and share the Gospel. Although the heat of the sun during the schedule of the saturation was very draining, and the uphill was very stiff, it was all worth it because there are souls…

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Christian Life, Motherhood

Church Camp 2010

Tomorrow is the official start of our yearly church camp.  Initially, I don’t have plans to join this year’s camp. But since my SIL will be joining, I oblige myself to accompany her. Daughter will not be going with us in the camp. I am afraid that  instead of concentrating on the lessons and activities, I will just spend all my…

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