Giving Birth At Home

  • Sumo

Here in Panglao, giving birth at home with the help of a midwife is still being practiced by many mothers. I admire the courage of these moms but I also feel afraid for the health of both the mother and child in case one or both of them need an immediate medical attention. The nearest hospital is 18 kilometers away, at least 15 minutes drive. For me, this practice is not really safe.

Giving birth at home is also one of the causes why many children are not properly registered. Hubby shared that the process of adoption is made easy here in Panglao. If the baby is delivered at home, the adaptive parents can register the child under their own name so no one can question the paternity nor the maternity of the child in the future. The child is their own based the document.

The reason why many mothers opt to give birth at home is because it is less expensive if they deliver at home rather than in a hospital or clinic. Thinking radical, if they will just put not only their lives but also their newly born babies at risk, they should not have conceived at all. The worst part is, most of these mothers have already more than 5 kids and yet they still add more despite of their economic condition. Do I hear the bell ringing on the side of Pro – RH bill?

Many will say that Philippines is a free-country. Let them do want they want to do. It’s their right anyway. Right! But freedom has always an equivalent responsibility, I hope parents will realize it.


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