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I am the newest member of Morning Rushers! Not one of the avid listeners of RX’s Morning Rush which is  hosted by Chico and Delamar but a mom who is in rush every morning in attending to her daughter’s need before the latter go to school. But actually I’m just a returning member. Last year, I had a glimpse of it for few months but I stopped when my daughter stopped schooling.

When I enrolled my daughter last April, the school administrator told me that schedule of READING READINESS class {the program in which my daughter is enrolled} is in the afternoon, from 1 pm to 3pm 4 pm. So I thought my return to this club will be deferred until next year. It was only during the orientation that I learned that the RR and Learn To Read class would be combined in the morning since they only have 2 students in RR and 2 students in LTR. Instead of 1 pm, RR’s class starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 11 a.m. But since they have a flag raising ceremony at 7:45, my daughter needs to be in the school before the flag raising ceremony. And because hubby and I find it more practical to avail of the school service, my daughter needs to be ready before the pickup time which is at 7:15. In order to do that, I have to be awake by 5:30.

I don’t have to rush yet in preparing my daughter’s breakfast. By the time our group devotion starts, I’m almost done preparing her breakfast. The rushing starts when my daughter starts to eat. 45 minutes has passed before she leaves the table and heads to the bathroom. By the time I finished bathing her, I only have 15 minutes to dress her up, fix her hair and put on her socks and shoes. Good thing we haven’t missed any day yet! We always finished just on time.

Consider that I have only one student to take care of every morning. I can imagine the chaos every morning of schooldays in every home with more than one students. Especially if there is no rule and only one is responsible for all the chores.

Are you a member or was a member of morning rushers? Do you have some tips on how to avoid the morning rush?

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