Need For Another Electric Fan

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Summer heat is getting more intolerable these days. Here in the house my two daughters get easily wet with sweat without the electric fans. The two stand fans we use are not enough if we are in different parts of the house. The eldest daughter demands that the fan is steady on her which leaves only one fan serving the rest of the members of the gang. If I could just invent a fan which can be attached to a human body, I’ll probably have done it for my eldest daughter.

One fan is not enough for the remaining five household members especially if one has to be on the other part of the house. Thus, Hubby and I decided to buy another fan for the living area, but this time a fan which could not be moved from one place to another, a ceiling fan.

We first went to Bohol Quality (BQ) to check the price and if they have the model we preferred. Then we went to Abenson at Island City Mall to compare the prices. My husband asked something about the oscillator of the model he wanted and the clerk who assisted us left to get an accurate answer. While waiting for her to come back, I noticed the make-shift kitchen at the stove and oven area. I told my husband that the design was cute and I would love to have a similar kitchen with kitchenaid kgss907sss. My day-dreaming stopped when the clerk returned.
Unfortunately, the oscillator requirement of the fan my husband wanted was not available to the units they currently have. And since BQ is cheaper by almost 200 pesos, we decided to return to BQ where we purchased the ceiling fan.

So now, even if daughter S steady the fan on her and the other fan is used anywhere in the house, there is one fan which will remain for my use.

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