Need For Another Electric Fan

Summer heat is getting more intolerable these days. Here in the house my two daughters get easily wet with sweat without the electric fans. The two stand fans we use are not enough if we are in different parts of the house. The eldest daughter demands that the fan is steady on her which leaves only one fan serving the…

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Bits & Pieces

Mom And Baby Care Event

Island City Mall and Philips Avent will be hosting a Mom and Baby Care event from 2 pm to 5 pm this coming October 13, 2012 at the Home and Promotional Area 1, Upper Ground Floor near Infant Area. I saw their promotional tarp when I had a quick visit at Alturas Market last Monday. I got excited because this…

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Food Trip

Lunch @ The Prawn Farm Grill & Seafoods

Ever since we transferred here in Bohol, we haven’t tried any restaurant yet until last Saturday. We usually end up eating in food courts or in fastfood. But last Saturday, after my visit with the OB-Gyne, we were obliged to visit Island City Mall for two reasons: First is to inquire about the renewal of our Sun Cellular post-paid plan.…

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