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Lunch @ The Prawn Farm Grill & Seafoods

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Ever since we transferred here in Bohol, we haven’t tried any restaurant yet until last Saturday. We usually end up eating in food courts or in fastfood. But last Saturday, after my visit with the OB-Gyne, we were obliged to visit Island City Mall for two reasons: First is to inquire about the renewal of our Sun Cellular post-paid plan. Second is to have our recently bought router checked because we discovered that the first port is not working.

As we were heading to Thinking Tools – the shop where we bought the router – we passed by outside The Prawn Farm Grill & Seafoods.  It was our first time to visit ICM on a Saturday so it was only then we discovered that  The Prawn Farm offers Eat-All-You-Can for Php 300 only during Saturdays from 10 am to 2pm and 6 pm to 9 pm. Hubby and I decided to try their buffet. But since we already promised our daughter that we would have our lunch at Jollibee, we just bought food for her from Jollibee and brought it to The Prawn Farm.

It was pass 12 pm when we started to line up. We were able to get our food fast because the line was still short. During that time the dishes were still complete.  The only thing I noticed was there was no tray which could be very helpful to carry our plates.

picture of our table, daughter has started munching her Jollibee-ordered meal.

Hubby’s plate with Beefsteak Tagalog, Shrimp Tempura, Mixed Vegetables, Salted Shrimp


At Prawn Farm - Pork KebabPork Kebab

At Prawn Farm - Veggie & Fruit Salad My appetizer, fresh veggie and fruit salad

At Prawn Farm - Mixed Vegetables, Fillet Of Fish in Black Beans, Beef steak Tagalog My plate with Mixed vegetables, Fish fillet with Black Beans, Beefsteak Tagalog and my so much missed kakanin, Maja Blanca.

At Prawn Farm - Sinigang na Hipon My All-Time favorite, Sinigang na Hipon

After daughter finished her meal, she ordered a Four-Season Fruit shake for only Php 75.

The price of their buffet is very much worth it. We were  really full when we stopped eating .

There was no service charge, tax and other charges added to our bill. The staff were courteous and friendly. We did enjoyed the food and service. They have small but clean comfort rooms. So thumbs up for The Prawn Farm Grill & Seafoods 🙂 We will definitely go back there after I give birth. Btw, they are located at the upper level of ICM, between KFC and National Bookstore.

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